artist table

Brown artist table with 4 bottom bars wich are called governor's bar

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Dining table

Elegant dining table for six to eight people in smooth natural elm wood. Legs pattern is typical of ming style.

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Table in original brown lacquer

1 drawer table in original brown lacquer. The carving under the drawers is kind of dragon called "Cao Long". In China dragon means power and luck. This table was used as a reading desk in the past.

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Painted book trunk

Original small trunk with rubbed painting in the front. The original painting was flowers which means'' lucky and flourishing'' in China. This small trunk was used by students as a book trunk in the past...

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Avalokiteshvara is the most popular of all Bodhisattvas. Lord of the infinite condolence, we say that he protects mens of natural disasters and that he blesses children. The large number of his arms...

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