Make-up chair
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Makeup chair with original brown lacquer and carving in golden colour. The shape on the top of the back is called 'RU-YI' , which means all is well, all your dreams can come true. The carved figures on the back depict one of the most famous Queens of the Tang Dynasty named 'Yan Gui Fei'. This chair was used as a ladies' makeup chair.
H77 x D34 x W42 cm
beech wood
China Zhejiang province
circa 1850
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Make-up chair Make-up chair Make-up chair
Confusion, reunification and golden age Wei Wendi(220-226) Chen Hou Zhu(583-589) Sui Wendi(581-604) Tang Gaozu(618-626) Three Kingdoms : Centuries of rule by warlords began in this period, a time of history greatly romanticesed for its reputed chivalry.  Despite the political unrest, major advances were made in the fields of medicine, astronomy and cartography, and gunpowder was invented for use in fireworks. Wei : 220 - 265 Shu Han : 221 - 263 Wu : 229 - 280 Art in the Three Kingdoms:  It was during this time that the first artists appear whose n Read more


is named after the Zhejiang River (crooked river, now called the Qiantang River) which passes through its capital.  The province’s name is often shortened to ‘Zhe’.  Zhejiang has the East China Sea to its east, beyond which lie the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.  To the north are the Jiangsu province and the Shanghai municipality; Anhui province is to the northwest; Jiangxi to the west and Fujian to the south.
Zhejiang, also spelled Chehkiang or Chekiang, was not influenced by early Chinese civilisation but was populated by a people known collectively as Read more
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