Scholar's chair

Carved chair with original light brown lacquer.The carving on the upper back of the chair is of a bat holding a coin in its mouth. In the past in China, when the bat and a coin were shown together it

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Shu Bei Yi Chairs

Pair of chairs with original black colour. This style of chair is called "Shu Bei Yi" in China and is one of the typical styles of chair from the Ming Dynasty. The name 'Shu Bei" means comb back, because...

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Wedding chair

Wedding chair with original brown lacquer.The Chinese character on the back means Double Happy, and this character is specially been used by Chinese on wedding till today. The carving on the top usually...

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Small red trunk painted with flowers . This kind of painting is typical of Mongolian style painting.The flower painting in China means flourishing and luck. This small trunk was usually used as a student...

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Tibetan Buddha

This Tibetan buddha in meditation, called buddha of the medicine was usually placed on the family altar of the easy families or on the stand in front of a temple to protect the believers of any diseas...

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