Shandong chair
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Round Shandong chair from northern China. This chair is less than ornaments which chairs from southern China. One pice only.
H100 x D67 x W70 cm
elm wood
Circa 1920
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Shandong  chair Shandong  chair Shandong  chair
Shandong literally means ‘mountains’ east’ and the name indicates this coastal province’s location east of the Taiang Mountains. Situated in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, it includes the Shandong Peninsula that stretches out into the sea (Bohai Bay to the north and the Yellow Sea to the southeast).
Shandong is often called Qilu, nicknamed for the states of Qi and Lu that existed here during the Spring and Autumn periods. Qi was very powerful throughout the Spring, Autumn and Warring States periods, ruling the cities of Linzi, Jimo and Ju. Lu Read more
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About woods Most hardwood trees grow in hot climates, especially in tropical areas.  Much of the hardwood found in Chinese furniture, then, was not native to China but was introduced to the country through trade.  It is not only the beauty of the wood that gives Chinese furniture its value, however.  It is treasured for the meticulous craftsmanship, joinery and design that went into the pieces, as well as its cultural significance.   In contrast, for example, new and old furniture pieces found in Vietnam and made of the world’s most valuable wood, Zitan, can be purchased Read more
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