Shandong chair

Round Shandong chair from northern China. This chair is less than ornaments which chairs from southern China. One pice only.

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Shu Bei Yi Chairs

Pair of chairs with original black colour. This style of chair is called "Shu Bei Yi" in China and is one of the typical styles of chair from the Ming Dynasty. The name 'Shu Bei" means comb back, because...

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Wedding chair

Wedding chair with original brown lacquer.The Chinese character on the back means Double Happy, and this character is specially been used by Chinese on wedding till today. The carving on the top usually...

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Yunnan armchair

Yunnan armchair from minority place, with carving of double happiness and Chinese knot.

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Red trunk

Red trunk with original lacquer and painting. The painting of a pair of birds and flowers means wealth and happiness. This trunk was used as wedding trunk in the past.

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Vitarka Mudra

This sculpture represents the divinity sat in half lotus.The right hand is raised, loses forward, fingers turned to the outside, the extremities of the thumb and the index contact. This gesture " Vitarka...

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