Gansu long buffet
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6-door 3-drawer long buffet in smooth dark green colour. This kind of cabinet was widely used by people from the North China Gansu province.It was prevously used as food storage cabinet in common households in that area.
H91 x D183 x W50 cm
elm wood
China Gansu
Circa 100 years
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Gansu long buffet Gansu long buffet Gansu long buffet


in the northwest of the People’s Republic of China, is situated between Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and the Huangtu Plateaus.  It borders Inner Mongolia to the north and Zinjiang to the west.  The province is often abbreviated as ‘Gan’ or ‘Long’, or called Long West or Long Right because it lies to the west of Long Mountain.  It has a population of over 25 million people (1997), most of whom are Hui Chinese.
Gansu was populated in prehistoric times by numerous Neolithic cultures.  Many artefacts have been found from the Dadiwan culture, which flourished in Read more


is named after the Zhejiang River (crooked river, now called the Qiantang River) which passes through its capital.  The province’s name is often shortened to ‘Zhe’.  Zhejiang has the East China Sea to its east, beyond which lie the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.  To the north are the Jiangsu province and the Shanghai municipality; Anhui province is to the northwest; Jiangxi to the west and Fujian to the south.
Zhejiang, also spelled Chehkiang or Chekiang, was not influenced by early Chinese civilisation but was populated by a people known collectively as Read more
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