wedding cabinet

Two doors, two drawers + two inside drawers large cabinet in smooth black lacquer. Original colour was black.This cabinet was previously used as a wedding cabinet. Actually, it's very convenient as a

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Yellow small cabinet

Four doors and two drawers cabinet in original yellow lacquer.This cabinet was used as storage cabinet in Shanxi province during Qing Dynasty.

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Zhejiang cabinet

Four doors low cabinet in original light brown colour. This cabinet comes from South China Zhejiang area. It was used as food storage cabinet in the past.

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Painted book trunk

Original small trunk with rubbed painting in the front. The original painting was flowers which means'' lucky and flourishing'' in China. This small trunk was used by students as a book trunk in the past...

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Bronze frog with silver coating

Grenouille en bronze. Dans la Chine ancienne, les tambours étaient souvent ornés de grenouille. Ces instruments servaient lors de cérémonies rituelles, pour appeler la pluie.

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