Jia Ye & Ai Nan monks

Wooden carving of standing monks with painted colours. These monks are called "Jia Ye & Ai Nan". It was told that they always were standing on each side of Rulai buddha. They are the two famous students...

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Wood carving of the Buddha Pu-Xian, the buddha in charge of medicine. Chinese believe Pu-Xian can get rid of sickness. This carving is a replica of Pu-Xian as he appeared in the Song Dynasty.

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Sitting buddha

Wooden carving sitting buddha with painting. This buddha is Rulai buddha. Usually in China, buddha has four different kinds, and Rulai buddha is the biggest. The feature of Ming Dynasty buddha is his face...

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Wodden buddha

Painted wood carving of a sitting Guan-Yin buddha.There are many different Guan-Yin buddhas, but this buddha is one of the famous among the people. This buddha is called "Wen-Shu Guan-Yin" who is in

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Lamp stand

Red lacquer lamp stand with painting on each side.The painting of fish and birds is a copy of a Shang Dynasty painting from around 4000 years ago. This style of painting or carving records the China's...

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Bronze dragon/ XL size

Bronze dragon/( H.25 x D.10 x W.35 cm) In China dragon is a creature of great creative power, a positive icon, representing the strong male yang principle of heaven, chance, energy, wealth and creati...

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