Silk painting

Silk painting of a duck istanding in the reeds. This painting is a copy of a Qing Dynasty painting which was done by one of the most famous artists of that time.

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Tangka a special painting art in Tibet cultural. Usually painted of Tibet religious story, history,cultural,art and technoligy development. This painting describes one the the religious history called...

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Tibetan door

Painting pannel with painting of Tibetan tiger. In Tibet tiger is a creature of great creative power, representing the strong male yang principle of energy, wealth and creativity. This pannel usually was...

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Wedding trunk

Red trunk with original lacquer and painting. In China cock has same pronouciation as luck, "Ji", so the painting of a cock and flowers means luck and foourishing. This trunk usually was used as wedding...

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Varada Mudra

This Guan yin is represented dressed in the traditional kasaya. This one is splendidly embroidered. Here gesture of offering, open hand pointing downward "Varada Mudra", characterizes the gift, the

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