Lion stand
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The lion in China stands for power and courage, and the Chinese believe that lions can protect both the land and house that stands on it. This small lion is the type of marker placed on each corner of a property to define the boundaries and to identify the landowner.
H23 x D10 x W15 cm
white stone
China Shanxi province
circa 1700
346.00 €
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Lion stand Lion stand Lion stand


literally means ‘Mountains’ West’, referring to the fact that it lies west of the Taihang Mountains.  Its one-character abbreviation is Jin, after the state of Jin that existed there during the Spring and Autumn period.
Shanxi borders Hebei to the east, Henan to the south, Inner Mongolia to the north and the province with nearly the same name, Shaanxi, to the west.  Shanxi’s capital is Taiyuan.
For centuries, Shanxi was a trade and banking centre and the term ‘Shanxi merchant’ was synonymous for wealth. The well-preserved city of Pingyau still shows signs of Read more
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