Stone carving of large pole with animal head

Stone carving of large pole, with animal head on the top. It was used as horse pole to put a horse in the tether. It was usually placed in front of the gate of rich families house or government

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Stone carving with flowers

Original stone carving with flowers. In Chinese culture, peony flower means weallth and opulence, and vase means peace. Chinese call this vase "Ping" which has the same pronouciation as peace. This stone...

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stone carving with flowers

Original stone carving with flowers.In Chinese culture, peony flower means wealth and opulence, and chrysanthemum means purity. This stone comes from an ancient buliding, it was used as a part of the...

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Stone sitting buddha

Stone carving of a sitting buddha. This buddha is a buddha from the Beiwei dynasty, which is said to be the best era in Chinese history for stone carving. The position of this buddha's hands in Chinese...

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Mongolian trunk

Black trunk with original smooth lacquer and painting. The painting on the front part is called "Bo Gu" which means high status and wealth.This trunk was used as book trunk in the past.

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Varada Mudra Buddha

This Buddha sat in lotus is represented in the said position "Varada Mudra", the right hand is opened, loses turned to the spectator, the tense fingers pointing towards the ground. This gesture charac...

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