Coromandel screen
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COROMANDEL SCREEN, 3 panels. Colourful painting on a red lacquer background. This style of painting requires a special technique called 'Diao Tian' which involves the artist carving into the lacquer before painting. Once the carving is completed, the artist filled in the colours as appropriate. This technique was first used on furniture in the Han Dynasty some 1000 years ago. This screen was generally used as a decoration.
H216 x W183
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Coromandel screen Coromandel screen Coromandel screen

The Early Empires

Qin Shihuangdi(221-210BC)
Guang Wudi(25-57)

Qin Dynasty (also called Ch'in, which is where the name Chinese comes from): 221 B.C. - 207 B.C. This dynasty lasted only a very short time, but it brought an end to the feaudal system and began to pull together China as a united country. The First Great Wall was built (out of four existing walls, and with the use of forced labour) and standardised money and measurement systems were introduced. But many contributions from this period are lost to us because Read more
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