Umbrella pot hand painted
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Blue and white pot with handpaintedfigurs. This painting describes the war 1700 years ago, in Chinese history. In the past chinese use this pot as a hat stand.
H 50 x D 27 x W 27 cm
China Jiangxi
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Umbrella pot hand painted Umbrella pot hand painted Umbrella pot hand painted
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Chinese Porcelain

In the West, whiteware ceramics include earthernware, stoneware and porcelain, depending on the composition of the body and the temperature at which it is fired in the kiln.  But in China, only two categories are traditionally recognised, high fired and low fired ceramics.  In the oldest Chinese dictionaries, porcelain is defined as ‘fine, compact pottery’.  In the West, the defining feature of porcelain is usually its translucence, but this is not the case in China. In China, any piece, regardless if it is thick or opaque, would be regarded as Read more


literally means ‘west of the Yangtze’, it actually originated as a contraction of ‘Jiangnan Xi’, or ‘West Jiangnan’.  The name came into being in the Tang Dynasty when the Jiangnan Circuit was divided into western and eastern halves.  Jiangxi is a southern province, reaching from the Yangtze River in the north to the hills of the south.  It borders Anhui to the north; Zhejiang to thenortheast; Fujian to the east; Guangdong to the south; Hunan to the west and Hubei to the northwest.
The Gan River valley lies in the centre of Jiangxi and is one of the Read more
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