Set of two calligraphy bone brushes

Set of two very big calligraphy brushes in bone. This kind of brush was used as a pen in past China, and is still used today is sold by pair.

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Wooden stand

Wooden stand in smooth dark brown colour. This style of stand is a copy of a Ming Dynasty table. The table legs are so called 'banana legs' which is characteristic of Ming style furniture. This stand...

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Painted book trunk

Small trunk with painting in the front. The painting of flowers means'' lucky and flourishing'' in China. This small trunk was used by students as a book trunk in the past in Shanxi province.

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Dark Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha

This buddha sat in lotus is represented in the position Bhumisparsha Mudra, literally " Mudra of the grip of the earth with witness ". The right hand clocks towards the ground, fingers touch the ground...

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