Sitting buddha on a lotus
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Golden glazed iron buddha sitting on a lotus. This buddha is a copy of a Tang Dynasty Rulai buddha from more than 1000 years ago. The tower in buddha's hands is one of the buddhist weapons to catch evil spirits.In China, the Rulai buddha outranks all other buddhas. This buddha was previously placed in a buddha display case by a wealthy family.
H34 x D15 x W20 cm
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Sitting buddha on a lotus Sitting buddha on a lotus Sitting buddha on a lotus

The Early Empires

Qin Shihuangdi(221-210BC)
Guang Wudi(25-57)

Qin Dynasty (also called Ch'in, which is where the name Chinese comes from): 221 B.C. - 207 B.C. This dynasty lasted only a very short time, but it brought an end to the feaudal system and began to pull together China as a united country. The First Great Wall was built (out of four existing walls, and with the use of forced labour) and standardised money and measurement systems were introduced. But many contributions from this period are lost to us because Read more
Buddhism At least 300 million people around the world are practicing Buddhists and it is estimated that perhaps another 300 million people practice a Chinese folk or traditional religion which is a mix of various religious beliefs including Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Buddhism is considered by some to be the fourth-largest religion in the world, behind Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, but in some countries, including China, Vietnam and North Korea, it is difficult to know how many people consider themselves to be Buddhists. Buddhist beliefs have also influenced Western Read more
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