Fat horse XL size
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Fat horse /(H.12 x D.12 x W.24 cm) This bronze sculpture possesses a meaning strength of an unusual intensity. Inspired by the tombs sculptures of the dynasty Tang 618-907, the artist voluntarily represented a body, powerful, disproportionate with regard to the head, to glorify the strength horses raised for the military stud farms of emperors Tang. We can estimate the number of horses raised in these stud farms to approximately 5000 heads at the beginning of the dynasty and 700 000 from the environment of the VIIth century.
H.12 x D.12 x W.24 cm
China Beijing
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 Fat horse  XL size  Fat horse  XL size  Fat horse  XL size
Confusion, reunification and golden age Wei Wendi(220-226) Chen Hou Zhu(583-589) Sui Wendi(581-604) Tang Gaozu(618-626) Three Kingdoms : Centuries of rule by warlords began in this period, a time of history greatly romanticesed for its reputed chivalry.  Despite the political unrest, major advances were made in the fields of medicine, astronomy and cartography, and gunpowder was invented for use in fireworks. Wei : 220 - 265 Shu Han : 221 - 263 Wu : 229 - 280 Art in the Three Kingdoms:  It was during this time that the first artists appear whose n Read more
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