Dragon en bronze /Small size
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Bronze dragon/(H.9 x D.4 x W.17 cm) In China dragon is a creature of great creative power, a positive icon, representing the strong male yang principle of heaven, chance, energy, wealth and creativity. Dragons are shape shifters, able to transform as they will, from as small creature as a silkworm to a giant who fills all the sky. Pearls, or jewels clutched in its claws represent wisdom and health. The dragon can control the weather by squeezing the jewels to produce dew, rain or even downpours when clutching tightly.
H.9 x D.4 x W.17 cm
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Dragon en bronze /Small size Dragon en bronze /Small size Dragon en bronze /Small size

Symbolism in Chinese furniture

Engravings of animals, flowers and other things are not only used to add beauty to Chinese furniture; they are symbols believed to have the power to bestow blessings like bringing financial success, marital happiness and good health, as well as to ward off evil influences such as demons and disease.  If you believe in the ancient Chinese ways, purchasing a beautiful piece of antique Chinese furniture does much more than bring a stunning and useful addition into your home; it enhances your life!
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