Prayer box
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Prayer box. A portable shrine in which an image of the owner's personal deity is kept wrapped in silk cloth. Most Tibetans used Ghau at home and traveling. At home it is kept on an alter, but when traveling it is fastened at the cross belt.
H13 x Ø19 cm
Coral, turquoise and silver
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Prayer box Prayer box Prayer box


hemmed in by the high Himalayas, Tibet is a plateau region in Central Asia often called the ‘Roof of the World’.  Its inaccessibility has lured adventurers and explorers from all over the world, who are rewarded for their efforts with breath-taking vistas.
Tibet is mostly under the administration of the People’s Republic of China but it is also officially claimed by the Republic of China (Taiwan).  The Chinese government and the Government of Tibet in Exile since 1959 disagree over when Tibet became a part of China and whether its incorporation into China was Read more
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