Erotic toy
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Carved jade erotic toy in shape of bear. Bear usually symbolises man. This toy would have been used in a rich family. Previously, a man could have many wives if he were rich enough. When he ended up staying with his newest or favourite wife, his other wives stayed alone for the rest of their lives. They could not ask for a divorce. This type of toy, then, was used by these women.
W21 cm
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Erotic toy Erotic toy Erotic toy

Symbolism in Chinese furniture

Engravings of animals, flowers and other things are not only used to add beauty to Chinese furniture; they are symbols believed to have the power to bestow blessings like bringing financial success, marital happiness and good health, as well as to ward off evil influences such as demons and disease.  If you believe in the ancient Chinese ways, purchasing a beautiful piece of antique Chinese furniture does much more than bring a stunning and useful addition into your home; it enhances your life!
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