'Hu' vase
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This shape of vase is typical of the Song Dynasty more than 1500 years ago and called 'Hu'. The grain on the body is a copy of the grain in the Shang Dynasty more than 3000 years ago. This kind of grain symbolises power and serenity. This type of vase was usually used as a decoration in the past.
H52 cm
China Beijing province
circa 1920
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'Hu' vase 'Hu' vase 'Hu' vase
Traditional Arts & Crafts
An introduction to cloisonné Cloisonné is a famous traditional enamelware with a history of over 500 years.  It is known as the ‘Blue of Jingtai’ in China because blue was the first colour used for enamelling and Jingtai was the title of the 7th Ming Emperor during whose reign cloisonné became widely popular. A wide variety of luxury goods can be made from cloisonné, including vases, jars, bowls, plates, boxes, ashtrays and jewellery. The articles are brilliant in colour and splendid in design.  Cloisonné is one of Beijing’s most famous arts and crafts and it is kn Read more

Chaos, diplomacy and invasion

Five Dynasties : 907 – 923
Social and economic growth kept the Tang dynasty together during the years of disunion, known also as the Five Dynasties period.  Handicraft guilds were first founded and paper  money was introduced during this time. Not only did five short-lived dynasties form during this period, but ten independent states were also formed, primarily in Southern China.
Song Dynasty : Northern Song : 960 - 1127
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