Large pot with outside carving
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Large pot with outside carving. This pot comes from Yunnan minority area. The carving isa kind of decoration which means endless. The pot was usually used as a food storage pot, to keep salty vegetable.
H67 x D67 x W67 cm
China Yunnan
circa 150 years
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Large pot with outside carving Large pot with outside carving Large pot with outside carving
Traditional Arts & Crafts
Chinese ceramics and pottery Background
Ceramics are objects that have been shaped from earthen materials and fired in a kiln to make them waterproof and fairly durable. The basic materials are a mineral-rich clay containing kaolinite, silica and feldspar. The crystal structure of these minerals makes the clay supple and easy to shape into just about any shape that withstands the firing process. Feldspars are aluminosilicates that contain sodium, potassium or calcium, all of which are fluxing agents that reduce the melting temperatures of the silicates that harden the object. Read more
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