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Food box composed of 5 parts. There are iron nails on the edge of the basket. In the past, this was used as a food trunk for wealthy people or government officals. When a traditional festival was held, officials and their friends will present each other with gifts of food. Different gifts were put in the different layers of the box and carried by at least two servants.The picture on the trunk depicts the famous teacher 'Kong Zi' and a little boy who is one of his students .
H75 x D40 x W72 cm
China Shanxi provinz
etwa 1880
1259.00 €700.00 €
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Food box Food box Food box


literally means ‘Mountains’ West’, referring to the fact that it lies west of the Taihang Mountains.  Its one-character abbreviation is Jin, after the state of Jin that existed there during the Spring and Autumn period.
Shanxi borders Hebei to the east, Henan to the south, Inner Mongolia to the north and the province with nearly the same name, Shaanxi, to the west.  Shanxi’s capital is Taiyuan.
For centuries, Shanxi was a trade and banking centre and the term ‘Shanxi merchant’ was synonymous for wealth. The well-preserved city of Pingyau still shows signs of Read more
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About woods Most hardwood trees grow in hot climates, especially in tropical areas.  Much of the hardwood found in Chinese furniture, then, was not native to China but was introduced to the country through trade.  It is not only the beauty of the wood that gives Chinese furniture its value, however.  It is treasured for the meticulous craftsmanship, joinery and design that went into the pieces, as well as its cultural significance.   In contrast, for example, new and old furniture pieces found in Vietnam and made of the world’s most valuable wood, Zitan, can be purchased Read more
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