Wodden buddha

Painted wood carving of a sitting Guan-Yin buddha.There are many different Guan-Yin buddhas, but this buddha is one of the famous among the people. This buddha is called "Wen-Shu Guan-Yin" who is in

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Wooden stand

Wooden stand in smooth dark brown colour. This style of stand is a copy of a Ming Dynasty table. The table legs are so called 'banana legs' which is characteristic of Ming style furniture. This stand...

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Yellow enamel

Cloisonne ware with animal-shaped ears on each side. This shape is typical of Shang Dynasty. It was used as a heating pot in the Shang Dynasty. This cloisonneware was used as a decoration in past

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Old trunk

Black Lacquered trunk with painting on the front part. The painting of vase and flowers means rich and peace in China. This trunk was usually used as opera trunk to store opera clothes in the

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Elm wood sideboard

Two doors and two drawers sideboard in elm wood.This small cabinet is a re-edition of North Shanxi province's cabinet. It was used as a storage cabinet in the Qing Dynasty.

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