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China Collection’s History

The 70’s

China Collection eventually grew out of what started out in 1971 as the General Trading (GT) group, founded to be a gateway to Asia’s finest and most innovative electronics goods. At the helm of this import-export activity was Hifi-International, dedicated to retail and wholesale throughout Europe. Hifi-International would soon become Luxembourg’s leading high fidelity shop network.

The 80’s
Jumbo, Hong-Kong 1986
Jumbo, Hong-Kong 1986

During their frequent trips to Asia in the 70’s and 80’s, GT’s director and his wife witnessed the opening of the Chinese art trade and gradually built up a network of faithful contacts and art specialists throughout China. In 1987 they finally decided to found the China-Pacific-Connection, an exclusive store dedicated to sharing their common passion for the masterpieces of Asia arts and crafts.

Starting initially with very few pieces – an ancient cabinet in Huang Huali wood and a pair of ancestors paintings, The China-Pacific-Connection grew during this time to include over 1000 pieces of furniture as well as paintings, sculptures, porcelaines, etc.

The 90’s and the new millenium

In the late 90’s The China-Pacific-Connection turned into a real China-Collection holding over 12 000 pieces of furniture as well as sculptures, planters and other small decorative objects . The collection had to move three times into progressively larger quarters, and in 2004 and 2006 finally opened the doors of the buildings it occupies in midtown (23, rue des Capucins) and downtown (76, route de Thionville) Luxembourg. The 4000 square meters of retail space is still not sufficient to display China-Collection’s whole collection; an additional secured warehouse and a conservation space had to be created in order to safely house and preserve these precious items.

This new website takes us to the next stage; nevertheless the objects listed in our online catalogue represent only a small fraction of our actual inventory.

2015, the building we occupied 76, route de Thionville since 2006 as been sold !
Whatever, e-commerce continues to grow !
We are keeping our two big warehouses in Luxembourg and Esch sur Azlette, which are opened by appointment, as well as our store in the city center of Luxembourg 23, rue des Capucins … and we are seeking for new premises were we can establish ourselves. [back to top]

The source of China Collection’s Pieces

Every single item in the inventory is selected by our qualified buyers during their bi-annual trips to the remotest provinces of China. Each of these trips is a marvellous adventure, fuelled by the desire of uncovering the perfect object, new treasures or customers’ special orders. Our buyers search for items that are not only useful and appropriate in modern decor, but which have cultural value and will provide a lifetime of aesthetic pleasure.

Over the years China Collection has grown to include over approximately 12 000 pieces of antique and classic furniture, including decorated cabinets in elm and walnut, painted trunks from Tibet and Mongolia, mighty armoires and buffets, elegant Yumu desks, precious carved altar tables, imposing camphor chests, Yoke-Back chairs as well as sculptures, planters and other small decorative objects . This rich, original and varied collection constitutes one of the most panoramic and comprehensive views into ancient and recent Chinese art [back to top]

China Collection’s Restoration Team

China Collection’s cabinet maker Pascal and restorers Francis and Fernand take great pride in providing the best possible finishing while preserving the natural antique flavour of the items in our collection. [back to top]

China Collection’s Services

Beside selling and shipping furniture and smaller accessories worldwide our services range from interior design advice to rentals for TV and cinema sets. While our commercial team can help you out with wedding lists, business gifts and incentives our restoration team will be proud to restore your antique furniture to bring them a new lease on life while preserving their natural flavour. [back to top]

China Collection’s Goals

Our goal is to ensure that customers are proud to own an item from our collection and to obtain a lifetime of aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of these pieces.

We aim to provide our clients with the most interesting provincial Chinese furniture and decorations that can be found.

We pride ourselves on providing items that are truly unique, culturally rich and beautifully crafted with excellent finishing. [back to top]

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